Kirksey House Productions
Frequently Asked Questions!

Here you will probably find the answer to the questions you have been wondering about. If not, feel free to use the Contact Us page anytime!

  • Q: Are the Special Features separate from the wedding ceremony video, or is it all on one DVD?
  • A: All of the videos from your wedding day will be on one DVD.
  • Q: What is the length of an average KHP wedding DVD?
  • A: The times vary depending on the number of Special Features you request. Most Highlight and Summary videos are one song length while a Well Wishes video may take 25 minutes. A good estimate for the length of a final DVD with a 25 minute ceremony is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This would include everything from the ceremony to the Well Wishes video.
  • Q: For the packages that include two cameras, does that mean that there are two people operating the two cameras? Or, one person with two cameras?
  • A: Those packages include two camera operators, each with their own camera.
  • Q: How many hours of videography are included in a ceremony and reception package?
  • A: Most videographers you may come across will block out, for example, four hours and then charge an hourly rate if your ceremony and reception happens to take longer. This serves as a safeguard in the event the wedding starts very late or something like that. But, KHP does not place limits on quality. Our prices are flat rates for the entire wedding day, and we stay until sufficient footage has been obtained to allow our editors to create a stunning wedding DVD that you will be proud to show off.
  • Q: How many copies of the final DVD will I receive?
  • A: Three copies - one for the couple and one for each of the sets of parents. Extra copies can be purchased for $20 unless a bulk order is placed. Sometimes bulk copies may be included in the “thank you” notes couples typically send out to guests.
  • Q: If I put down a deposit today, would it lock in the current prices even if they increase before my wedding day?
  • A: KHP policy is that the deposit is due at contract signing. Therefore, your rate will be locked in at that time even if the current rates were to increase prior to your wedding date. The non-refundable deposit also reserves your wedding date in my calendar.
  • Q: Does KHP provide a screen and projector for the slideshow?
  • A: Sometimes, the rented hall may have this option available for a fee. If not, with advance notice, KHP will see what we can do.